Friday, March 11, 2011

No More Yellow Pages!

A colleague at work just told me about Yellow Pages Opt-Out which allows you to (de-)select the local Yellow Pages books you receive. I'm always annoyed when they drop they off since it just means I have to get rid of them. Recycling works, but I'd much rather they simply not give me one. With the Opt-Out site, I can tell the publishers that I don't want any YellowPages. It determines the local Yellow Pages you might receive based on your addresses and allows you to select 0-3 copies of each. There are some minor usability issues with the site, but it seems to work and I was able to select zero copies of each without much trouble. If Yellow Pages annoy you too, I'd advice you to hit this Opt-Out site.

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  1. Thanks, I came for help with Element-Tree annoyances, and received help with getting rid of those annoying directories. And now. Back to some python.